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Because Step #1 in the process happens by default every minute then any recent changes in AD should already be imported into the SQL database.If this is not the case or for some reason normal replication is failing then a manual process can be used to toss out the entire copy of AD information in the SQL database’s address book store and regenerate a completely new copy.Maybe you’ve bulk enabled some users, or you simply want to make sure it’s up to date. As a short cut you can actually type ‘cd c:\program files\microsoft office*’ to get the main directory, and then switch into ‘Server\Core’. There’s a single command line program that’s used for it. Generating the Address Book The address book files actually contain delta changes to the original syncronisation - it cuts down on the work/bandwidth etc.

cmdlet is run then a ‘synchronize now‘ event is marked and the update is not actually run immediately.Some suggest looking in the registry at key tree , but all I find are the titles of the contact groups I used to have (as binary Unicode values), but which MOC no longer recognizes. I located an XML file in: open this file in excel from the following location C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\ Microsoft\Communicator\presence_User_Name_Company_.My plan is to export the registry (or data file) values and then write a script to re-instate them, I just need to know where to find those values. all the contacts will be arranged in a single column. It's not possible to export directly the contents of the whole OCS map. Select the content of each group you have in your OCS, cut and paste in a notepad window.Syncronising the Address Book To do this, run this command: abserver -syncnow This will sync all of the address book files for you. Communicator Address-Book Cache If you’re an Admin sometimes it’s worth checking you have the latest address book files - check to make sure your bulk updates/new users are in it for example.

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As you can see from the above, the address book is set to syncronise at am every night.

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