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A couple of years ago I posted this mini guide (below) and I am considering making this type of information a weekly feature. Since this company had been so consistent using production numbers dating them is relatively easy. They kept record of the millions of cards they produced by using a combination of letters and numbers indicating the series and date published; most of their cards use this system but there are a few outliers that do not.

Looking at the back of the motel postcard, one sees a code printed in the stamp box at top right.Any other alpha character after the number indicates it has more than one subject listing or the same number was used on two different views.(This is mainly found with the very early Teich postcards and with V.0.And while many of the artists who were popular during the heyday of the artist-signed-postcards era at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries are not well represented in linen, most of the major postcard categories are, from comic postcards to scenics (also called “views”) to travel and lodging cards, including the popular large-letter postcards.Contrary to their descriptive name, linen postcards were not made out of linen, which is derived from flax, but they did have a high rag content, which means the paper contained a certain amount of cotton fiber.

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