Grady sizemore still dating brittany binger

The two began dating in December, 2008, and were together when the infamous Teacup Dong photo scandal broke (there is no confirmation if the two are still together). Authorities later learned that her laptop was infact in the shop, but for a hard drive formatting, and no fan repair.

Forensic analysis was conducted and apparently confirmed that Ayers computer was used to hack Brittany’s email and distribute the photos.

Shortly after the notorious Tiger Woods fiasco, Grady Sizemore was there to pleasantly-entertain the sports world with his comical, yet racy photos.

While there were rumors that Brittany Binger broke up with her beau and released his pics herself, it's more likely that Sizemore was the actual hacker and wanted the world to see his ability on camera.

His entertained clubhouse couldn't possibly let him live this down.The pictures, according to Grady Sizemore, had been meant for personal perusal only.He complained that he had shot them exclusively for his girlfriend, and that they had been stolen from her personal accounts.Over the years there have been a number of athletes — both male and female — who have had nude photos of themselves leak out online.Some had their photos released without their consent by ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, while others were exposed by groupies.

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