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These routines were so memorable, they’ve become legends in So you Think You can Dance history! For this list, we’ll be looking at (and secretly boogieing along to) the most exciting, moving, and memorable routines from the American televised dance competition.“Hip Hip Chin Chin” by Lacey Schwimmer & Danny Tidwell, Dhoom Taana” by Katee Shean & Joshua Allen, “Gravity” by Kayla Radomski & Kūpono Aweau and “Bleeding Love” by Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura. We’ll be focusing on performances by contestants and by returning All-Stars, either in pairs or in groups - so auditions, solos, and guest appearances won’t be featured. In this spicy samba number, the couple gives us a lesson in rhythm as they move to the beat. The Partners and Dance Styles are supposedly "drawn out of a Hat." But this week, the producers didn't even pretend the "Hat" charade for the Dance Styles. they would pair up Mark with Katee—a partnership that hasn't happened before. Twitch, the Butcher of Ballroom Dance, doesn't show the consistency over styles. And like Twitchington's Viennese Waltz this is the Paso Doble that WASN'T . Comparison: First, here's the BEST Pre-Music Paso Doble Beginning in the history of competition dancing—and here's the rest of Michael and Joanna's Paso Doble.They just gave each dancer, a dance in his/her genre. But, I don't think "the Show" wants to promote Mark: Clearly Twitch and Joshua are the favored sons. It's definitely NOT "good form and training." Nigel identified Twitch as the "least trained" among all the Male Dancers. ." I'm rating this one lower than others, because . Although plenty powerful, Joshuamoves more like a football player with a forward lean, whereas the Paso Doble is danced upright and with what is called a "U-Shape" in the body: . Heavenly Joy is a young girl with a big personality and talent to match.Watch her wow the America's Got Talent judges and audience with her singing and dancing.Jamie Ray Bayard is a Latin ballroom and Swing dancer.

Although Danny holds his own, it’s Lacey who steals the show with her saucy hips and ultra-confident attitude.He was a childhood dance partner of Season 3's Lacey Schwimmer.t Witch first auditioned in Season 2 and again in Season 3 before he was selected to compete in the Top Twenty in Season 4.I previously predicted that that Chelsie and Twich would be "randomly" paired this week. Getting paired with Chelsie, Twitch is absolutely given a bit of a boost into the Final Four; and of course, the reunion of Joshua and Katee is a set-up for Final-Four-Dom. However, other Criteria clearly sneak into the equation too! Speaking of which, Twitch come in LAST in my Top Six Solo Rankings: Sweet Redundancy: Obviously, the dancers are running out of fresh material after shooting their wad—a Cannon metaphor—in previous weeks. Here are the rankings for six choreographically redundant dance solos: Twitch tried to compensate by wearing gold-plated teeth, but I didn't buy the smoke and mirrors. Genetically speaking, Joshua is NOT built for this dance, because of his huge muscular butt.After being in the Bottom Two a couple of weeks in a row, Mark has managed to gain some momentum. " Thus, "If You Think You Can Dance" then let's see if you can do the dreaded Quick Step! For example, the Butcher of Ballroom Dance, Twitch, continues to escape elimination on the basis of . But it was fun to see Cat Deeley put the golden grill in her mouth—"spit and all." Cat Deeley gets high marks for her daring dental feat! To his credit, Joshua did capture the stank face of a bull-fighting matador. The Jeedges drool over Joshua's talent and say that Josh is amazing everyone by doing these dance with "no formal training"—wrong.

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Script written by Eliza Baynes The show has always been able to highlight the best dancers in America.

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