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Watch the fur fly as a new breed of superhero is born in Disneys fun-filled epic adventure.An ordinary day at Fernfield Farms turns extraordinary when Budderball, Mudbud, B- Dawg, Buddha ...Kendall, a researcher who been teaching Jack to communicate through sign language. See full summary » In this spin-off of the Air Bud franchise, five pups follow an ice cream transport truck to a plane and end up flying with the ice cream shipment to Alaska.There they find a pup friend and a boy who needs five dogs for a big race.Though Renee Zellweger is not particularly convincing as a social worker, she conveys her feeling of threat very well, making her stressed out character vivid.The plot is good, as at first it makes you feel so sympathetic and sorry for the girl, then it slowly prepares you for something entirely different.

Romney won whites by 20 percentage points in 2012 (59% to 39%).

See full summary » At the North Pole, Father Christmas and his chief dog Santa Paws worry as the whole toys processing system is threatened by the weakening of its magical power source, the icicle drawing on ...

See full summary » Now in the 8th Grade, Josh discovers he has a great throwing arm and tries out for his school football team. First the dog is playing basket ball, then he is playing foot ball.

It is then soon discovered that his dog, Buddy, can also make impossible catches, and the two become an unstoppable force.

Donald Trump scored an impressive Electoral College victory Nov.

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'This is an utterly insane graf from david brooks's latest column,' Max Read wrote, referencing the above paragraph.

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