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Sexual conquests are construed as an impersonal “game”.

Men are encouraged to view women as dehumanised objects: as points on the board or notches on their proverbial belts.

The right to not defend your tastes” ― Daniel Pennac Welcome to Dark Erotica.

The mob boss that shoots to kill and then sips his water and continues the meeting, the subject matter that makes others uncomfortable (non-con, dub-con, etc.), the people who may be having sex with inappropriate partners and the women and men who love them and do not chastise them in the process.

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Other strategies include wearing women down through repeated requests for sex, and “negging”, where men subtly insult women to undermine their confidence in an attempt to make them more likely to submit to sex.

The program promotes models of masculinity and ideas about sex that have been explicitly linked to individual propensity to perpetrate sexual violence.

You may have been to couples therapy or sex therapy before and perhaps things got better in your relationship as a result.

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You may find that your relationship has lost its spark. Sex isn’t what it used to be, if it happens at all.

Maybe you and your partner are constantly arguing or perhaps rarely speak to one another.

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