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They can be moved, copied to make backups, or even e-mailed to other users.The AUTO_CLOSE process is asynchronous; repeatedly opening and closing the database does not reduce performance.In an environment with multiple concurrent user sessions that run jobs with differing priorities, all sessions should not be treated equally.

Similarly, an application can run a PL/SQL package procedure that switches its session to a particular consumer group.

OFF The database remains open after the last user exits.

The AUTO_CLOSE option is useful for desktop databases because it allows for database files to be managed as regular files.

In an email, please provide your name, telephone number and Training Organisation Identification Number (TOID) which was issued to you by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

For assistance, see: SVTS Login User Guide You will also need access to a range of resources in order to successfully meet the requirements of the statistical collection.

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Oracle Database Resource Manager (the Resource Manager) enables you to manage multiple workloads within a database that are contending for system and database resources.

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